About Me

Traveling is in my blood, I have over 15 years of working in the airline industry, and being able to travel and see the world has changed my life. The furthest place I have traveled is Cairo, Egypt where I got to explore the pyramids and ride a camel through the desert. I spent six weeks in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I fell in love with Mexico, and it is still one of my favorite places to visit. If I could retire on a Carnival Cruise Ship, I would die a happy girl!

     I grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and started working for the airlines right out of high school. I was transferred to St. Louis, Missouri, where I spent a couple of years. Later, I transferred to Las Vegas, Nevada, where I spent eight years. After that, I went to San Diego, California. I finally made it back to my small town of London, Ohio, and have been back home for about eight years now. I have two daughters and a husband that loves to vacation as much as I do, and I LOVE making memories with them.

     I am so excited to be a part of the Hidden Adventures Travel Co Family and to help you plan the vacations and adventures of a lifetime.