About Me

I consider myself lucky to have grown up in East Tennessee surrounded by the beauty of the Great Smokey Mountains. Now that I have moved away from home, I've grown to appreciate those mountains even more, but I also know that I want to take every opportunity to experience this vast world for myself.

From the first time I stepped off the plane in Europe at 17, I knew that travel would always be a priority for me. I believe that the experiences we have while traveling have a substantial impact on our own personal development and that we are constantly evolving from the sum of those experiences. My own travels have led me to Europe, Costa Rica, Canada, and throughout the United States. The true value in travel for me comes from the chance to immerse yourself and experience the diversity of a region firsthand.

I truly want to make a difference for people, and I can think of no better way to do so than cultivating trips that will leave them with memories for a lifetime. I am so excited to be a part of The Travel Adventure Team and have the opportunity to use my passion to help others achieve their own travel dreams.