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It could have been the annual summer road trips my family took as I was growing up to my late Grandfather's military reunions. Or it could have been my first trip to Europe as a high school Spanish student, looking to my language instructor as a mentor.


It might even have been the first time I stepped off the plane to witness for myself all the reasons why Ireland is called the Emerald Isle. To be completely honest, I'm not entirely sure when it began.


But for as long as I can remember, I've had an infatuation with travel and the enchanting sensation of being in a new place. Through the years, that passion has only grown more robust as a presence in my life.


After parting with the military in 2013, I thought my life was heading in one particular direction, but that path was suddenly cut short by an unexpected turn of events.


It was while I was sitting home, planning a vacation for myself, because I just needed to get away from it all with a close friend, that I had my epiphany. I realized then and there just how much I love planning (and taking) vacations.


Inspired by that revelation, I sought out just how, exactly, one becomes a travel agent. I took all the required classes that form the foundation of every famed travel agent's repertoire, and I signed on with a host agency.


Today, I am proud to announce that, inspired by my deep roots in travel, I am a certified travel advisor specializing in LGBTQ Travel, Group Travel, and Non-Profit Fundraising Travel.


Not limited to just my specialties, though, I proudly serve the Sandhills of North Carolina, working with clients to book their personalized travel adventures around the globe.


If you're ready to take the plunge and book your dream vacation, I've got the experience and tools to help you discover the same magic that inspired my passion for travel.

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