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Faith-Based Adventures

Faith-Based Adventures

Western Wall
Image by Aaron Burden
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Are you a leader in your faith community and looking for something that will change your life as well as the lives of your followers? How does a transformational trip sound? These are more than just trips to Israel. These are trips to various destinations with faith at the forefront. Trips include daily devotions, worship sessions, and sightseeing with fellow believers!

Hidden Adventures Travel Co has partnered up with the leader in Faith-based travel, ETS Tours, to bring you amazing Faith-Based Adventures.

Reasons Why YOU Should Lead a Faith-Based Tour or Cruise

  • Train your church leaders the way Jesus did - by teaching and traveling with His Disciples.

  • Empower your sermons with first-hand knowledge gained from your travels.

  • Shepherd your church members through a tremendous time of renewal.

  • Become immersed in the values and traditions of the world Jesus knew.

  • Give your church members a new appreciation for your church roots and heritage.

  • Offer students and teachers of the Bible the ultimate hands-on learning adventure.

  • Strengthen family and congregation relationships through a shared journey.

  • Discover how recent archaeological discoveries continue to reaffirm the truth of the Bible.

  • Develop a more Christ-like understanding of other cultures and religions.

  • See your church develop a hunger and thirst for God's Word as never before.

Click the button below to schedule a meeting to discuss leading your church community on a Faith-Based Trip to remember for a lifetime!

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