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About Me

Growing up on a Piedmont North Carolina horse farm, I have been traveling from a very early age. My parents always had me on the road because of our horses. Due to the family horse business, I saw all the Southern and several Western States before I was a teenager. That is when the travel bug hit me. 


     My grandmother has been the greatest influence in my travel life. She was a travel fanatic having traveled 65 percent of the world. The stories she told me of her adventures developed my desire to travel. 


     In the past several years, I have been the travel planner for my family and friends. These trips have included the beach, the Caribbean, the mountains, and various adventures in the Continental United States. I enjoy not only finding the destination but planning side adventures and dining experiences that make the trip special. 


     By joining The Travel Adventure Team, I hope to share my passion for travel with others. Creating lasting memories for you is the ultimate goal of mine. 

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